High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

When being beautiful is your goal, then it is essential to come up with the best skincare treatments. High-intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a popular clinical method to treat aging skin. Clinicians consider the Focused Ultrasound a better replacement of the facelift. At first treatment was documented in 2008 late on its success became popular.  

Many people are curious about why do clinicians prefer HIFU over other treatments? Many underlying reasons are there like:

  • Requires no invasion or surgical operations to pierce into the skin.
  • Free of radiation and can lift the face or facial parts without pain
  • Directly targets the ablated tissue. Healthy tissues remain untouched and do not receive any harm.
  • You can immediately come back to your routine activity without having any rest.
  • The treatment is less expensive as compared to other face lifting surgical treatments.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a thermal mechanism that helps to target disturbing skin cells. This non-radiation technique heats the skin tissues and restores their rejuvenation instantly. HIFU therapy works to instigate the production of collagen protein in the skin cells.

HIFU therapists have been successfully lifting brows, and other facial parts to make the skin younger.

Therapy is also helpful in removing wrinkles and facial lines. In 2014, Food and Drug Authority (FDA) considered the HIFU device the safer for removing neckline and upper chest lines. The other clinical implications of HIFU therapy include face lifting, skin restoration, skin tightening, and face contouring.

The procedure is simpler. After cleaning the treatment area, the surgeon applies the ultrasound gel and puts the ultrasound device over the skin. To achieve the goal, the ultrasound beams work for the 30 to 90 minutes in a session. These heated energy beams work to achieve the desired results like tightening the specific skin part or refining the facial lines. Later on, the device is removed from the skin and the patient is good to go.

The most appealing and interesting fact about the treatment is that it requires no painful cuts and surgeries. The patient can continue routine activities without having any bed rest.


The goal behind HIFU therapy is to make the skin younger and restore its beauty. HIFU can show miraculous output within a few months treatment. The middle-aged skin can show quick results of the therapy as compared to older age skin.

Within how much time you can see the effects of the therapy? It may vary as per skin type and the age of the person who undergo a therapeutic session. Some people may get the result of HIFU within the first two months and others may take time. But an average HIFU therapy requires three months to show full output.


Treatment or sessions depend upon the advice of the clinician. Some people may require only one session for face lifting. Others may require more sessions to get better results. Usually, clinicians suggest one to six sessions depending on the skin type and condition. A middle-aged skin can show the result after the one session, while a dull and older skin may take more than three sessions to improve or restore.

The number of sessions may also depend upon the type of skin treatment you need. Patients with face lifting, skin restoration, refining lines, and restoring the neckline beauty have to receive a different number of treatments in each case.


The results of HIFU treatments are long-lasting. Though it may take a few months to show the result of skin treatment, it is long-lasting. No skin damage or other issues after the treatment have been reported yet. 


Patients may experience mild redness immediately after treatment but it gets vanished within few hours. If you undergo a HIFU session, you may experience numbness but it is only a temporary feeling. Many patients are afraid of the pain or electric pulses during the HIFU treatment. Clinician or professionals can suggest them a dose of acetaminophen or other pain-relieving drugs before treatment.

These potential side effects are less complicated and can be treated with medication instantly. No long-term side effects have been documented yet.


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