Dermaplaning Online Course

Dermaplaning Online Course 

We are happy to announce you our new Interactive Learning course at , offering a wide variety of skills training, including live sessions on how to become a specialist of derma planning and a library of free courses that can be used anytime at any time. Our live sessions deliver lessons in real time, giving you direct and immediate guidance while you learn, as well as the ability to network with learners and our beauty experts.


If you have bought the program, you will be led to the registration where you will pick your desired day and time. Dermaplaning is a healthy and efficient method to exfoliate the skin with the secondary advantage of fine reduction. Once you have completed the lesson, you will receive instructions about how to receive your diploma. You will also get a confirmation email immediately before your class begins and after you have taken a follow-up email with a video replay clip, so that you can re-watch it for any details you may have missed.


One of the most trendy hair reduction options today is dermaplaning, which is accomplished by manually exfoliating dead cells from the face using a scalpel. "Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation procedure that involves the use of a sterile surgical scalpel to carefully shave the top layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, the dead skin layer. During a dermaplaning session, the dermatologist uses a medical razor blade to scrape over the surface of the skin. Treatment lasts about 15 minutes and can cost anywhere from $40 to more than $150, depending on where you're headed.


This procedure results in skin that is ultra-smooth, new and lighter. By extracting the dead layer and the hair from of the face, the skin is straightened out and assists with cell metabolism, which helps the fresh skin to emerge.


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