Working of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening In Chair!

June 07, 2021

We all want to look our very best and often try out different ways of achieving our desired looks. Sometimes beauty is all about the perfection that is expected from the human body. Just as we want spotless skin and shiny hair, white teeth are the desired factor too. To achieve the right color of teeth, we humans have been doing a lot. The recent method that is getting a lot of fame is cosmetic teeth whitening in chair. 

This is a process after which you can remove all the yellowness from your teeth and get diamond-like sparkling ones, (well that's an exaggeration, but you get white teeth for sure).


This is a process in which a high concentrate bleach is applied all over your teeth. The solution is then activated by the use of UV light that is referred to as laser whitening. When you get this process done, make sure you are under the dentist's supervision to stay safe. 

During the process of teeth whitening, you will go through these steps:

At first, your dentist will check your teeth' current shade and take some photos of before if you have already given your consensus for it. This is done to compare the results that you get after the treatment. 

- Then, they will prepare your mouth by putting a rubber appliance and gauze seals to keep the bleaching gel from moving into your gums, cheeks, lips, and tongue. 

- Your dentist will also paint a layer of the advanced whitening gel on your teeth then shine a blue LED light on your teeth. This is to heat and activate the solution to penetrate through the enamel and accelerate the process of whitening. 

- This is then done three times in 45 minutes to get the brightest results in a very short period. 

- When the right shade is acquired, the dentist will then apply a post-treatment to reduce sensitivity and protect the tooth enamel. 

The duration of the process of cosmetic teeth whitening in chair:

This process will take an hour in total once you have all sorted and discussed the needs and required outcome you want. The actual process of whitening is only 45 minutes and duration. Just be there and relax and get your beautification done in no time. 


It would help if you were sure that you are taking teeth whitening services from an experienced and professional dentist. Otherwise, the results may be poor fitting, chemical burns, and tooth sensitivity.


But once you are sure that you are under the supervision of professional teeth whitening staff, there is no need to worry about anything, but only about the new look, you will get after teeth whitening. 


How does the process of cosmetic teeth whitening in chair start?

The process of professional teeth whitening begins with a consultation with your doctor. Unfortunately, not all of the people going for this process are a good candidate for having their teeth whitening done, and this is why you want first to have a meeting with your dentist.

If you have huge fillings or crowns on the front teeth, teeth bleaching may not be a good idea. This is because the chemicals will bleach your natural teeth but not the dental restorations, resulting in the teeth being of different colors.

  1. Teeth whitening is always effective on yellow discoloration and may be less effective on gray or brown discolored teeth. It is like when the discoloration results from exposure to antibiotics with tetracycline while the teeth are still developing.
  2. Next comes the process of whitening appointments. Once you are okay in the chair, the dentist will then insert a lip retractor in your mouth, just a plastic guide that moves your lips out of the way, so your teeth are very easy to access. The dentist will then cover your gums around the front teeth with the gel and then harden them using a high-powered light.
  3. This is called the gingival barrier, and it also protects your gums from teeth bleaching chemicals in the whitening process. The dentist might also apply a compound over the teeth that will assist you in preventing tooth sensitivity.
  4. The actual whitening process involves your dentist applying the gel made of 15% to 35% hydrogen peroxide to your frontal teeth. Hydrogen peroxide may penetrate the porous outer layer of the teeth and break apart the stain compounds using a chemical reaction known as oxidation.
  5. Based on the whitening system being used, the application of the whitening gel might be followed by applying a high-powered light, which speeds up the process of whitening.

Many systems involve most applications of the gel throughout the whitening session. The dentist will rinse the gel off and reapply a fresh coat on it as many times as needed, with having a space of around 40 minutes.

  1. Once completed, the whitening process may achieve four to six shades of whitening after only a single session. Some patients also go through tooth or gum sensitivity after whitening, but this goes away in a day. The effects of whitening can last for months and even years based on eth diet and other habits you have.

But if you practice some faulty routines, the stains on your teeth will come back. So a few dentists may also recommend you to maintain the freshly whitened smiles using home whitening kits. These kits come with custom-made trays to fit your teeth and whitening gel tubes, which have a smaller concentration of bleaching agents than the in-office alternative.

The patient lines the trays using the gel and wears them for only a few hours every day or during sleep. This helps in keeping your teeth white. Although you get what you pay for in the cosmetic teeth whitening process, it is rewarding.


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