What is BROW LAMINATION, and how it can be availed?

June 07, 2021

Though lamination may sound too familiar to all of us from those days when you used to get papers laminated to keep them protected, now it's not the same. Brow lamination is a concept of beautification that originated in Russia and is quickly making its way into western countries.

You may have noticed a few pictures in which full, slicked-up brows also have a high shine finish on most internet sites. Most of these sites show before and after results as well. And there is often a huge difference in each. 

Well, this is all about brow lamination. It takes your unruly or the thinning hair on your brows and then smoothes them out and lifts the hair vertically. This process of brow lamination is super smooth brows that give off a look of full gel application. 

Brow lamination has been in use for so many reasons: thinning, overplucking, unruliness, and it has worked amazing on all skin types. With time this process has proven to be even more effective and easy to do than micro-blading. 

Why can you trust the process of brow lamination?

It may give people the brows that they have wished for form ever. It helps in hiding the small gaps and also gives the illusion of having fuller brows. Most people who get this process are around 30 to 50-year-old women who have lost their hair on the brows due to the aging process, illness, or waxing.

It is a non-invasive and temporary process, but it is highly impactful to fix any brow issues. Furthermore, this process is not only effective but also highly affordable. 

Many brow experts in England can not get a lot of the dramatic results that this process creates. So it comes as no surprise as brow lamination may give the arches you want very quickly, no matter the state of your brows.         

With brow lamination, you may easily and quickly raise the brow's arch, extend the tails, and give them a fuller brow by lifting the brow hair and giving them a fluffy brow look. 

Is the process of brow lamination painful?

Brow lamination is the perm of brows as it gives them a uniform shape for an extended period. Instead of the curls, the setting lotion allows your hair to stay in a brushed-up look for around 6 weeks. Imagine rising every day with brows in your favorite look and shape, and you don't have to do anything upon them. 

This process of brow lamination starts with painting a lifting cream over the brows, which creates a chemical process that breaks the bonds in each hair. This allows them to be moved over a new shape. Then the brow hairs are brushed up into a place, and the neutralizer is applied to reshape the bonds. Then the nourishing oil gives hair a replenished and moisturized look after all of this chemical process. 

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Risks involved in brow lamination process:

While you get brow lamination, you will see it is not invasive compared to brow surgery, tattooing, or the other related processes, and there are side effects. You have to know about these side effects before booking your appointment. Such risks are related to skin irritation that is caused by chemicals. These results include:

-     Swelling

-     Redness

-     Peeling

-     Itching

-     Bumps

These side effects might show under or above the eyebrows but might also extend to the eyelids. This process may not be recommended to you if you have the following:

-     Sensitive skin

-     Rosacea

-     Eczema

-     The history of your contact dermatitis

Just as perming the hair over your head may lead to dryness and damage, brow lamination may damage the eyebrows in the same way. Your chances are a lot greater if you repeat this process that often, or sooner than 6 weeks. One other serious risk is eye damage. This may occur if the chemicals run in your eyes while the process is happening.

How long will the brow lamination last?

Perhaps the biggest downside of eyebrow lamination is that the results are temporary. To maintain your brows, you will have to repeat the process every few months, just like the traditional perm.

It is also important that the person you get brow lamination also applies the moisturizing oil or cream on your brows immediately after your treatment. You may also consider applying the same item at home to help keep your eyebrows damage-free and healthy.

How can I find a brow lamination provider?

For brow lamination, you should consider reaching out to the aesthetician or the professional makeup artist. Ask the provider if they have enough experience with this process mainly. You also search for some brows studios in your area. These facilities mainly work with eyebrow treatments. No matter which provider you pick, you should be sure about their:

-     Experience

-     Licensing and credentials

-     Costs

-     Portfolio of work

-     Advice for the follow-ups and possible side effects

What are other treatments that I can get that will give me similar results as brow lamination?

The following are a few of the processes you can get for replacement of brow lamination:

-     Micro-blading

-     Microshading

-     Permanent tattooing

-     Tinting

-     Penciling

-     Brow gel

If you search for long-lasting results to keep the brow hair in place, you may have the eyebrow lamination process done. However, the method of perming used for this process might also make your brows look thicker and fuller.

These both characteristics are becoming very popular. With a professional cosmetic process, it is important to work with a licensed and experienced provider. You might also consider talking to the dermatologist if you have chronic skin issues that might flare up from chemicals used in the process of lamination.

So are you ready to get the process of brow lamination to get in mainstream fashion?