What is BB GLOW treatment, and how can it change your life?

June 07, 2021

.You may have heard about BB glow treatment and how many people are trying it out for their benefit. BB glow skin treatment has increasingly become one of the most trending treatments in the beauty industry, and there is surely a reason why. 

We all love having foundation skin, but what if you get clean, flawless skin without applying anything to your face? Well, now it is recommended and safe due to this Korean technology.

Though this treatment is new to the USA, it has been practiced in many parts of Korea. It originally started in Korea and then spread all over Asia. It is safe and highly effective and has hence been gaining a lot of attention and exposure. 

So what is BB glow?

Bb Glow is a mix of powerful tinted serums that are applied to the skin using the method of Micorneedling. Micorneelding is an extensive treatment for the skin that uses state-of-the-art technology to seep into the first layers of the skin. It is done by the use of microneedles that are rapidly released from the micro-needling pen.

This process is safe and pain-free; hence you shouldn't be scared of its name. one of the major benefits that you get of micro-needling is the quick stimulation of natural collagen production and rejuvenation of your skin. But apart from this,  BB glow serums are amazing nutrients and a tint of color you want your skin to be of. 

How can BB Glow help you change your skin fully?

This Korean technology effectively gives your skin the desired glow and the right tint that you want your skin to be. Its benefits are given as follows:

1.BB glow is not only good at covering facial skin flaws, but it will also hydrate the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and also help in the reduction of under-eye circles and reduce clogged pores. 

2.It  is also great for people that have rosacea to help cover redness and broken capillaries 

3.It will perfectly and instantly even out the blemishes and discolorations in your skin. It is ideal for having amazing, foundation-like skin for special events such as weddings and birthdays. 

4.BB glow is ideal for people who have gone through all anti-aging technologies but haven't gotten rid of the stubborn spots. Now BB glow can easily help hide the imperfections and give you flawless skin. 

Who can get BB Glow treatment done:

People with the following issues can take BB glow treatments and can enjoy their great results:

-         Dull, uneven skin texture 

-         Freckles

-         Post acne scars

-         Age spots and sunspots

-         Early aging and lax skin 

-         Hyperpigmentation 

-         Wrinkles and fine lines

All of these super amazing benefits and results of BB Glow have made many people get it done from expert service provides such asBeautyDrop.com. In addition, you can get your treatments scheduled anytime you want to.

What BB cream is used in BB glow treatment?

Mostly a BB cream that is from Moscow is used that goes into the skin. The healthy BB cream to use in this treatment is the one that doesn't have titanium dioxide in it. The entire treatment is done quite superficially, but if titanium dioxide comes in contact with the blood, it may alter the color of the BB cream.

Hence this formula is used with extra precaution. As this cream has a lightening and anti-aging agent, the shade range is quite limited. It only comes in dark, medium, and light tints; hence the tints are mixed to create custom shades for customers.

Are there any side effects of BB glow treatment?

There isn't any downtime after you get this treatment done. Clients mostly experience redness, but it mostly subsides in few hours as BB Glow doesn't go as deep as the micro-needling process.

After having the BB Glow treatment, you should avoid washing your face for 24 hours using retinol or the retin-A products for over a week and wait for around four weeks to have the laser treatments done.

Are there any risks involved in BB Glow treatment?

While BB Glow may make your skin look like it is under some Instagram filter without requiring you to apply any foundation on it each day, this treatment is quite new. It is not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Without requiring to see the ingredients of BB Cream, a New York-based plastic surgeon suggests going ahead with caution.

This is because it may have side effects as well. Injecting the pigmented particles in the skin might lead to pain, skin irritation, infection, allergies, and inflammation. Sometimes permanent tattooing may happen if particles are too long-lasting. Hence chronic inflammation may lead to permanent scarring. Having lumps and bumps because of granuloma formation is also possible. This being said, when new treatments hit the market, there is mostly a period of skepticism before it comes into the mainstream.

If you have a certain uneven skin tone and BB Glow treatment sounds like the perfect solution you are interested in exploring. You should also do your research to see the spas that offer it in your area, schedule the consultation to ask some extra questions about the process, and consult the dermatologist to have extra ease of mind.

Until more reseal may be done into a long-term safety and efficacy, we suggest you steer clear of the beauty treatment. Most things are possible, but this doesn't mean that they are all safe. Unfortunately, when beauty is at stake, we are mostly quick to sacrifice the safety of instant beauty gratification. It might look good, but you may need to pay later. But BB Glow treatment has shown very effective results and has been highly effective in improving the skin tone and maintaining the beauty of many people.

So are you ready to get this treatment done to get foundation finish skin? Let's get you started with the best treatments in town.