Is it safe to get SKIN NEEDLING/MICRO NEEDLING done?

June 07, 2021

Before we hop into the topic, let us first see what these processes are?



Skin needling or micro-needling is the process that used a few tiny needles to puncture the initial layer, the topmost layer of the skin. This process is to helps rejuvenate the skin by boosting the production of collagen. This, in turn, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in your skin and improves your skin's texture. 


So moving on to the topic of security. SKIN NEEDLING/MICRO NEEDLING is a process many people are interested in, and many are getting it done. micro-needling gives us the following benefits, and hence it is preferred by many:

Safety factor:

- Microneedling or skin needling is a minimally invasive process that doesn't require you to have any downtime. 

-It is thought to be safe for people who use acne medications and women who are pregnant. 

- After getting the process done, you will experience minor redness and irritation for only a few days. 


Ease of getting the process done:

- The whole preparation and process of Microneedling take around two hours. You will have to see a board-certified dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, or plastic surgeon for this process.

-In a few states, the process supervised by a physician may be done by an aesthetician as well. 

- You will have to get at a minimum of four processes or more to acquire ideal results. 


How does the process of Microneedling work?

Microneedling works by letting your skin making it produce more collagen. The idea is to give pinpricks to the skin so that they cause slight injury to the skin. The skin, in turn, responds by making new collagen tissue. As a result, the new skin is more even in texture and tone.


It is super normal for your skin to lose collagen with time or due to injury. By encouraging your skin to make new tissue, there may be a lot more collagen to make your skin tight and firm. 


What can you target using micro-needling?

Microneedling is mostly used over your face to target the following:

- Acne scars 

- Age spots 

- Large pores

- Other kinds of scars 

- Reduced skin elasticity 

- Uneven skin tone

- Fine line and wrinkles 


In addition to the facial issues, this process can treat stretch marks in other parts of the body. A study has found that micro-needling was highly effective for stretch marks present on thighs and abdominal areas. Scarring on some other parts might also be treated with the process of SKIN NEEDLING/MICRO NEEDLING. But micro-needling is mostly done on the face. 


Just like all other cosmetic processes, the process of SKIN NEEDLING/MICRO NEEDLING isn't without side effects as well. you may face the following if you get a session of micro-needling:

- Bruising

- Bleeding

- Infection

- Peeling

What are the risks of getting SKIN NEEDLING/MICRO NEEDLING done?

Micro-needling may cost you a quarter of the price of having multiple laser treatments based on your practitioner's skill level. It also tends to be a very comfortable process with low risk and short recovery.


Moreover, the risks involved in the process of getting micro-needling done are lower than most other skin treatments such as light/laser therapies or chemical peels. The process is highly effective than a lot of other aggressive treatments for scarring caused by acne. 


However, just like any other process, SKIN NEEDLING/MICRO NEEDLING may cause many complications, including bruising, bleeding, scarring, infection, and pigment issues. For people keen on DIYing, there are products readily available that let you microneedle at home.


However, professionals may be able to be deeper into the surface of the skin. Longer needles may also be used by skilled professionals and are not available for at-home use. 

Benefits of getting micro-needling done:

  • It is effective on scars:

Most suffering from scars of acne swear by the ability of micro-needling to affect real change over their faces. Micorneelding works on any skin tone as the risk of pigmentation issues after the process is low based on how deep the Microneedling goes. Micro-needling may be done very superficially or quite deeply. 


  • Less recovery time:

Based on the type of Microneedling treatment that you get, recovery may take as little as three days after any process at the doctor's office is done. But the laser surfacing recovery may take over a week or more.


It is also a lot more affordable than some of the expensive laser resurfacing treatments. This process is cheap and can be afforded by people that want a more in-budget solution to skin issues. 



  • Risk is involved

It is mostly considered a low-risk process. But this is dependant on the home device being rightfully calibrated and also used correctly. Needles that are longer than half of the millimeter and bent needles have more risk of scarring and invite infections.

Longer needles can also hurt more. The redness after any treatment may last a few days, and there is an increased sensitivity to the sun post-treatment. 


  • You don't see the results right away:

Even if it is done the right way, results are not apparent that quickly. They don't shoe until the new collagen has time to grow, which mostly takes around six weeks.

The recovery time for healing and treating scars created by burns may be slow. It may take over a year after starting the treatment to show results. 

Tips for picking and using the microneedle devices:

High-quality and well-maintained at-home SKIN NEEDLING/MICRO NEEDLING devices are important to keep the skin healthy. In addition to the skewed noodles on faulty devices that may hurt your skin, dull needles may also leave you damaged.


Poorly cleaned devices may invite infection. Guidance from a professional doctor on what tropical skincare products to use along with this device can help keep irritation away. It is best not to use the devices daily.